9/11 Five Years Ago
How did you remember 9/11? Didja go to a Memorial Worship Service? I look at September 11th a little differently now.
Don't Forget About Flight 93
Much of the media focus on Friday’s anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is on New York, where the majority of the victims were killed and the damage was beyond belief. But there is also a rural site in Pennsylvania where some say the first act of the US War on Terror began.
MN Butt-Dialing Burglars
We hear about idiot criminals who accidentally pocket dial 911 from time to time . . . but here's a twist.
32-year-old Todd Weiss of Minnetonka, Minnesota and 38-year-old Justin Evans of Savage, Minnesota broke into a business in Maplewood, Minnesota early on April 1st...