Is “Circle Me Bert” over at Twins Games?
Nothing says summer like heading to Target Field for a baseball game! Our family loves going to see the Minnesota Twins and we've even spent hours decorating huge signs so we could try to have Bert Blyleven circle us! This year, we might need to put those sign making skills into garage sale s…
Baseball is Testing a New Way to Limit Extra Innings
Extra Innings Would Start with a Runner on Second
How's this for thinking out of the "batters" box?  In an effort to speed up the game, Major League Baseball is kicking around the idea of a new rule, where a runner would be automatically placed on second base during extra…
Kluber Strong Again as Tribe Takes 3-1 Lead
Chicago, IL (Learfield)  --  Corey Kluber silenced Chicago Cubs batters and Jason Kipnis pounded a three-run home run as the Indians won Saturday night's World Series game 7-2.
Trevor Bauer gets the start tonight in game-five at Wrigley Field with a chance to give Cleveland its first b…

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