Fools Five Road Race
It's the 36th Annual Fools Five Road Race this Sunday, 1pm, in Lewiston!  Over the years this event has raised over $1,700,000 for cancer research.
Cancer research aims to identify causes of the disease and develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately finding a cu…
Are You Up For Up To 14 Inches?
This has been quite the doozy of a winter! What happens when all of this stuff melts? Where is it going to go?  I look out my window and can see at least a 5 foot mountain of it.
I don't remember having as many days off of school in my entire school history as it seems there have been this year alone…
Jim Brickman Tonight: Sue’s Concert Review
So I just got back home after the concert tonight! What a wonderful time I had! Jim Brickman is really a very talented and entertaining performer.  One of the first things he told us to do was to hold somebody's hand tonight.  It was his 'Love Tour' and the evening was all a…
Who Is Going To The Show Tonight?
I'm looking forward to the Jim Brickman show this evening at the Mayo Civic Center! There are a few tickets left if you decide to come last minute!  I am taking my mom and she is excited!  We both went to see Jim at the Orchestra Hall up in Minneapolis in December of 2011 when he did his Christmas s…
Watch The Metrodome Deflate – [Time Lapse Video]
They were done with the deflation this morning in 35 minutes.   Here is a video time-lapse of what it looked like to deflate the metrodome for the final time today.  The metrodome opened in 1982. The roof has collapsed before, but this was the first time it was done intentionally.

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