If you can’t afford a “real” vacation but still want your friends to think you went somewhere exotic, there’s a new photo trend going around online called “Fakecationing”.  The concept is simple…just take a fake vacation photo.  One way is to put a photo of some awesome destination on your TV or computer screen.  Then either do a “selfie” in front of it or do what I did and tape a picture of yourself in front of the exotic location so it looks like you’re there.  Now have a keepsake photo of your “fakecation” to share.

You can put yourself anywhere in the world.   Here you’ll see a couple of my recent fakecations.

Brent's Hawaii Fakecation

The first was in Hawaii, the weather and the beach were wonderful.





Brent's Pyramid Fakecation



After that I hopped a plane to check out the Great Pyramids.   They are amazing!  (Please ignore the little zoom button on the right side of the picture).