I am not incredibly tall but I am genetically made to be taller than most women that I know.  I wouldn't call 5 feet 10 inches a giant though...and yes, I did play basketball.  (That is the only question strangers ever asked me in high school so I thought I'd just answer it ahead of time for you)

One thing that has annoyed tall people for years, well, ever since I've been tall, needs to change, and it can start with all new construction - hotels, houses, condos, townhouses, locker rooms, etc.

A few weeks ago, our family went on vacation and stayed at a great Airbnb.  It was clean, decorated great, and had everything we needed for a great vacay.  Unfortunately, it was part of the epidemic of this issue for tall people and was one of the worst that I have seen.

You can see in my picture on Instagram (click here or see it below) that there was a slight issue with the height of the showerhead...and shower, now that I am looking at the picture again.  Usually, in new houses that we have bought or hotels, the showerhead hits me right smack in the eye.  I know to duck a little bit and I will actually get the top of my head washed and not just my eyes and below.  This showerhead though was super short and was hitting me at my chin.  The picture may not show that well but it was a bit challenging to get all of the head portion of my body truly clean without having my quads screaming at me at the same time.

On behalf of tall people everywhere, please think of us as you are building your next project that includes a shower.  It doesn't take much to attach that showerhead just a few inches higher.

Sincerely, 5 ft 10 inch, Jessica Williams

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