Earlier this week, Target announced that it was going to be closing 13 of its stores across the country. According to a list in the Huffington Post, that includes several in the Midwest. It’s been a rough year for the giant Minneapolis-based retailer, after announcing at the beginning of the year that it was scrapping its operations in Canada. Closer to home, they were set to close the Austin Target store back in January.

Add to that, all the fallout related to their stolen data issues from a few years ago, offensive clothing and even porn pumping out over one California store's loudspeaker, and it has definitely been a year to forget for the entire corporation. But now, they’re going to end the year how it started – by closing 13 more stores, including some in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Among the locations in the Midwest slated for closure is the Target store in New Ulm, Minnesota. Another on the list that may impact Minnesota shoppers is one located in Superior, Wisconsin, just across from Duluth. Another store in the Milwaukee area is on the list, as well as the Target store in Ottumwa, Iowa.

According to Target, these stores were selected for closure based on poor performance from those individual sites and is not due to any wider company issues. The stores are scheduled to be open through the holiday season, with an estimated closing date of January 30, 2016.