What started as a "small gesture" in their community went worldwide. David Cutlip, a tattoo shop owner in Baltimore posted a message on his business Facebook Page. According to Yahoo Finance, it read, “If you have a racist or gang-related tattoo and need help, we will cover them for free. No questions asked.” He woke up to more than 2,000 emails taking him up on his offer.

Not long after, a GoFundMe page has raised nearly $40,000 and Cutlip has covered more than 80 hate tattoos and counting. The money that they've raised helps David to travel and reach as many people as possible. The nonprofit is called Random Acts of Tattoo Project - Redemption Ink.

“People change. They do. Everybody makes mistakes, man. And people deserve a second chance. They’re humans. We’re all humans.” - David

GoFundMe made an amazing video to showcase what David does.

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