Remember when Taylor Swift surprised the luckiest. fan. ever. when she flew to Ohio and showed up at the Swiftie's bridal shower? Gena, the bride-to-be, documented the entire event on Instagram for everyone to see, but Taylor recorded the whole thing on video -- including the special surprise moment.

The video starts out with a close-up selfie of the 'Red' singer setting up the scene for us: Gena had been coming to Taylor's shows for years, and while Taylor couldn't make the wedding, she was going to go to the bridal shower, her first ever! She even made the happy couple some gifts and baked cookies for the occasion. Oh, and the best part? Not one person at the bridal shower knew that Taylor was coming.

Taylor kept the camera on as she rode from the airport to the venue, where she walked in completely unbeknownst to Gena. When Gena saw Taylor approach, she looked totally shocked at first -- but then quickly wrapped her in a huge hug. So sweet!

While the guests were a little taken aback as soon as Taylor entered the room (the gasps were audible), the shock soon wore off and Taylor mingled with the partygoers effortlessly, even hugging the groom and joking around with all of the bridesmaids, and, of course, with Gena. (The two later reenact her reaction to first seeing Taylor.)

Watch Taylor Swift's adorable bridal shower surprise above!