Let me start out by saying that technology is wonderful. There have been more great advances in the past 30 years than in the previous hundred years before. Can you imagine life without internet, PC's, laptops, email, mobile phones, high definition digital, online shopping or social media?

But here are a few tech trends that I hope will go away soon:

SELFIE STICKS- Years from now I think we'll look back at these silly contraptions and just laugh, if we aren't already.

HOVERBOARS- In case you didn't know it, these things are dangerous. They catch on fire, people wipe out on them and they're really just glorified Segways without the handle bars. Besides, why are they called Hoverboards? They're not even close to being as cool as the one Marty McFly used in 'Back to the Future', so let's just wait until they make the REAL thing.

PASSWORDS- We're not supposed to use simple passwords and it seems we're required to change them all the time. Plus I can't even count how many times I've forgotten my password. Even with tougher and more creative passwords, we're probably fighting a losing battle because hackers can still crack 'em. I'm hopeful that Apple, Microsoft and Google will perfect the fingerprint, voice and facial recognition technology they're working on now and passwords will soon become a thing of the past.

SMARTPHONE ADDICTION- How did we ever live without our smartphones? Everywhere you look today, people are looking down and staring at their phones. And when people are distracted by their devices while driving, that obsession can become deadly! But beyond that, it just seems like people are so into their smartphones that they are missing out on life itself. Kids sitting in the same room with their friends would rather text one another than actually talk. That's sad. And the last time I went to a concert, it seemed that 95% of the audience was so focused on capturing the event on their phones that they missed out on just being there and taking in the whole concert experience. (They could have just saved the $75 ticket cost and watched a grainy YouTuve video instead). Like everything else, smartphones are great...in moderation.