That's Scotty Matthews. Does he look mad? You mad, Scotty? 'Cuz you look mad. Maybe he is...and maybe it's my fault. WHAT? ME? Yeah, my knock knock prank on the tee might have irritated him JUSSSST a tiny bit. Click play and watch out for the club.

The club? Yeah...when Scotty finally loses it, the golf goes flying into the and almost hits me in the head, tho I'm so excited he blew a gasket, I didn't even notice the club until everyone screamed! It was hilarious! 

In other news, as I did the Y-105FM Early Morning Show from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce GIlf Tourney at Willow Creek, I had a blast...listen to the podcast and hear....

a) What 25% of us do when we shop but HATE when it happens to us.

ii) True or False starring KIMT's DeeDee Stiepan!

3) Bridget the Human Rim Shot help me with some awesomely bad jokes!

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