If I said, "Hey, I'm going to start a potato-message business where I mail potato with messages on them to people!" you'd think I'd lose my shirt, right? You'd be wrong! And here's proof!

There's a young guy named Alex Craig that has an honest to goodness business writing messages on potatoes and sending 'em out. He calls it Potato Parcel and according to this story, he's doing really well!

The 24-year-old Texas entrepreneur says he has sold more than 2,000 potatoes and is making a profit of $10,000 a month since launching Potato Parcel in May, reports WFAA. Potatoes sell for $7.99 for a medium (which fits 100 characters) and $9.99 for a large (up to 140 characters). Craig will ship them anywhere in the U.S.

And speaking of potatoes, researching this took me to a bunch of recipe videos that I had to watch or I'd be derelict in my duties, right? Right!  So, here's my favorite. One I'll probably try tonight...