We've all seen them. Those people who park like, well... like they simply don't know how to park. I know, people have their reasons. Maybe they have a new car and take up two parking spots to protect it. Or perhaps they are new drivers and haven't quite mastered the art of parking just yet. It could be that they were in a hurry and had to park their vehicle very quickly so they weren't late for an appointment.

Whatever the reason, you see them all over. In fact, many of us have probably been guilty a time or two of parking our own cars in a less-than-appropriate manner. Nobody's perfect, right?

Here are some photos of a few pretty brutal parking jobs that people have shared with us recently. If you've got any you would like us to add to this photo gallery, send them in! Or if you see any around town that are simply horrendous and need to be seen to be believed, take a photo and send it to us. We're including a form down below for you to share them. Or you can share them with us on Facebook. Either way, let's share all those terrible parking jobs with the world!