So we moved into a new house back in November, and it came with a bigger driveway.  After getting plowed in yesterday, I attempted to make it through, with poor results.  I had my vehicle stuck to the point where it was almost going to slide into the ditch.  Then came an angel by the name of Tonia.  She and her mother were driving by just as I was scratching my head as to what the heck I was gonna do.  Thankfully, they stopped and offered to pull me out with their truck.  It would have been easy enough for them to drive by and continue on, but they didn't .  Was it Minnesota Nice?  Or was it because they, too, had been getting tired of this long winter and decided to help out one of its victims?  Whatever the case, thank you thank you thank you, Tonia.  I hope I can pay the favor forward soon.

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