How many items in your freezer are just too old to actually use - or is unrecognizable because of freezer burn?  We all have meat that has been sitting in the bottom of our freezers since before time and you never do anything with it so it gets older and older.  Before you do a deep clean and throw it all out, check this out!

Zollman Zoo is located just outside of Byron, MN, and has a lot of great animals that you can visit.  The zoo is looking for some donations though and actually rely on those to help feed their animals.

According to a story that they did with KTTC, the zoo accepts fish, gophers, freezer burnt meat, and roadkill deer.  They are not able to accept processed meat or pork.

The zoo generally receives donations of freezer burnt meat, roadkill deer, or gophers that farmers have caught.

If you are cleaning out that freezer and have anything that might work, drop it on by to Zollman Zoo from 10 am until 4 pm.  If those times don't work out for you, there is a large, wooden box by the maintenance driveway where donations can be placed any time.

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