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Just found out Theresa Caputo is coming back to Rochester later this year (scroll down for show info). And that reminded me of the time in 2016 we got a call from Penny Nolta who met up with her long lost twin sister thanks to Caputo.

YouTube Screen Shot - Link in story
YouTube Screen Shot - Link in story

Penny was just sitting there, enjoying the show from the front row with the tickets she won from Y-105FM (woo-hoo!) and, in her words, "she really came through for me...It was, it was just, it was, it was the most awesome experience. I can't, I can't even thank you enough. Wow. Yeah, it was great."

The Story of Theresa Caputo and Penny's Long Lost Twin Sister

Theresa Caputo was off the stage, walking around the section where Penny was sitting,

"and she just, she just turned around and started walking over and she stood kind of about two people away. And she said, I'm sensing something, a mother and a father-in-law.


And I said, well, I've lost both my parents. I'm sitting there thinking and she's saying I'm sensing a child loss and I haven't lost children. But then she said, where am I getting the child loss? And I said, well, I lost a sister.


And then she walked away, then came back and she said, no, a twin sister. And I said correct!"

Like I said at the time, I'm a super skeptic, and If Caputo had just said, "A father or mother that's passed on..." meh. Even if you add children that didn't survive, you're likely to find someone that fits that description. BUT, she narrowed it down to a twin sister. That's just...whoa.

Click play to hear it live on the air...

Pretty thought provoking, isn't it?


Dates: September 30, 2021
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota
TICKETS: $39 - $89 (TIcketmaster or at the Box Office, info above)

Do you believe in mediums or psychics? What's been your experience with them?

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