We are nearing the unofficial hard-boiled egg holiday. Yup, Easter. If you have more than one kid especially you are sure to have a full bowl of eggs like I do. Now you can change up from the traditional deviled egg to something a little fancier and full of a lot more flavor!

I love buffalo anything but these look AH-MAZING! It's the perfect blend of crispy and creamy and will make an excellent March Madness appetizer. They are sure to be a hit!

I'm a huge fan of pickles so this dilly twist is sure to serve up some delicious flavor. The dill and pickle combo is sour but sweet.

These are like fancy deviled eggs. The pesto and dijon combination gives the flavor a little zest is pungent and rich.

Spice up this Easter with this delicious recipe. It's an Indian inspired blend of cilantro, lime, curry and of course the mustard flavor (but in the form of a seed!)

A little twist on the beloved Minnesota drink, the Bloody Mary. This recipe serves up all the flavors we love in the drink in this crowd-pleasing egg, garnished with a celery leaf!

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