Last night I attended the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester's Youth of the Year dinner. Hearing the new Youth of the Year's story will remind you how much power we have to direct our lives and to help others.

Rosaline Moore was named the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester's Youth of the Year and I had the honor of hearing her speak AND of meeting hert. She reminded me of something I've had the privilege of knowing for a long while, but sometimes forget. She reminded me how much power we hold inside us.

And the only way to unlock it is to BE who we really are.

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Years ago, when I was in Idaho, I worked with the BGC in Twin Falls, and saw the hard work, the dedication, and love that happens inside those walls. And in those hearts.

Listening to Rosaline, I heard the all to common story of a young person in the midst of turmoil and trouble, living thru situations that endangered her life.  Then, she moved to Rochester, and joined the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, and things changed..

She tells her story in the video, and tells it with energy and certainty. She is not shy. Her handshake, her eye contact, her body language all speak volumes about how far she's come, and how strong she is.

I love stories of people finding their strength, find the REAL version of themselves, often hidden deep inside. Protected, looking for a way to come out and shine.

That's what the Boys and Girls Club does. They are there for these kids so they can find themselves. That's not how it was put last night, but I think that's what they do...we all have a strong, proud character inside us. Sometimes, it needs nourishment, encouragement, and space to show up. To learn how to walk, I guess you could say.

Well, Rosaline learned how to walk...and knows how to run.

We always hear about The Chair Affair and The Chili Challenge. We all know the club does good work, but after you hear her story, you'll feel their mission in your heart. And see why they're such a vital piece of our community.

Thank you Rosaline, and thank you Boys and Girls Club of Rochester for helping her find her path, and her future.

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