Does this image frighten you? A man and his leftover pizza and a glass of milk for dunking his pizza!

Mind blowing, some are calling it...others say it's delicious...still others say, "Why do I care about this? Well, take a look...and tell me you don't shudder a bit when you see it!

A few months ago pictures of people dunking pizza in milk hit the internet machine, and picture everyone went bologna loving or hating. Now that it's back, and I feel I have to mention it.

Click image for Twitter link.
Click image for Twitter link.

Gross! That's what I comment, gross!

But, you know me, Mr Fair and Square, so, when Mr Eric Shoars called the show to tell us how good it was, I had to stop and ask myself...could I be wrong? Is that even possible? Could years of being correct have blinded me?

Perhaps, so I told Eric to bring it. Monday he'll be in studio, there will be cold milk and cold pizza, and I will dunk and chew. And, maybe spit it out, or love it.

We should probably have an ambulance standing by, just in case.

Cuz seriously, that just looks gross.

PS - Tracy is NOT partaking, she wasn't foolish enough to get caught up in the excitement.

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