I can't take the credit for planting either one of these trees but are they not the most beautiful trees ever?  The birds are chirping, the weather is fantastic, and I'm out in the backyard staring at these 2 beautiful trees.  

Lilac trees are my second favorite tree, second only to weeping willows.  My grandmother had lilac trees & bushes and I remember going to her house as a child and just staring at the beautiful trees and shrubs.  So many colorful trees and they lined her yard.  I am not much of a green thumb, as a matter of fact, one time I killed a cactus that a friend of mine brought me back from a vacation she took.  I tried a garden once, but that did not go so well.  It's a good thing I really don't have to do anything for these beautiful trees but it sure was nice to look at them today!  Such awesome weather outside too!

Sue Moore