Where will you find the absolute best slushie making machine in Rochester?  You may think one convenience store or another has the best. Or, maybe you think a purveyor of Iced Milk might have it. Nope. Not even. Then where, James?  WHERE?

The best slushie machine is at my sister and brother-in-law's house.

I was there last night to enjoy a back yard pizza party, and while the pizza, which is prepared fresh and cooked in their back yard wood-fired pizza oven, is stellar, I really only wanted one thing. Conversation with family and friends of course! Oh, and a slushie from the Best Slushie Machine in Rochester.

The Best Slushie Machine in Rochester got me in trouble a few years ago. I had just started dialysis and one of the nurses was listening to my show, and heard me talk about this great slushie machine (and how the night before it was serving up mango/rum slushies). At my appointment she read me the riot act for drinking booze while on dialysis...I was almost dead, for cryin' out loud, didn't I want to live?

I gave her the "huh?" look and she said, "The booze slushie!?" I told her that it was in Minnesota, and no worries. She laughed, opened the exam room door and hollered down the hall, "It's OK...he didn't drink!  That slushie was in Minnesota!"

Anyway...last night, I enjoyed the slushie, and made this movie to commemorate the moment.