You've heard of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but have you heard of the World's Largest Potato on Wheels? It's for real, and it'll be in town this Saturday afternoon and it's a party that'll raise money for the Rochester Flyers Special Olympics Team!

How big is The Big Potato Truck? It weighs four tons...if you'd like to make your own, you'll need about 21,500 medium sized Idaho® potatoes (that'd take about 2 years to bake or boil).

Why is it coming to Rochester? Maybe it has an eye problem and a Mayo Clinic doctor will give it a checkup. And some butter. And chives. And sour cream. And bacon. SO MUCH BACON.

SPECIAL PHOTO ALERT: If you want to have the best Christmas Photo in the family this year, get to the big ol' tater and bring winter clothes. And when your Aunt Susan complains, just tell her, "Tuberd, you should fry harder next time. It's just not apeeling to see you act so starchy."

Here's the info you need to catch up with the big spud...

  • WHAT: The Big Potato Truck
  • WHERE: HyVee Crossroads
  • WHEN: June 15th, 11 - 2 PM (if you miss it in Rochester, Sunday it'll be in Winona).

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