This is the biggest carrot I've eaten in Minnesota. But, is it the biggest in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin?

No, it's not. The bag (bought at Hy-Vee from a North Iowa farmer...yay local) was full of all sizes, but this was the funniest in the bunch. Funny as in, "LOOK HOW BIG IT IS!" But, when you grow 'em yourself, you're going to get that. Some small ones, and some oddly big ones. That's the real world, baby.

I first experienced the big, "ugly" carrots in my girlfriend's back yard. Danielle has a great big garden, and we'd planted all sorts of stuff, and when the carrots came in, I was pulling 'em up and was blown away by the shapes and sizes (and the taste! Holy Moly the taste! So good!).

One was bigger than her hand. She started nibbling it on the way to work. 30 minutes alter, she's at work, and she's barely made a dent in it! Sadly, no pictures exist, because, as my lady says, "I was eating it like a busy beaver. Beavers don't stop to take selfies, bro!"

Anyway, this morning I was eating this enormous carrot and people came in the studio to stare. It tasted great, so even if it looked ludicrously erotic, I ate that carrot up. Om om nom.

Speaking of carrots, did you know they spark in the microwave? It's true!

Why do they do it? Sadly, it's not magic. The World Carrot Museum says,

Several factors make frozen carrots susceptible to the effect described (although other vegetables do this). First, while microwaves are extremely good at heating liquid water, ice is almost totally transparent to them, so it is actually quite difficult to get ice to melt in a domestic microwave oven. The "defrost" option on a microwave oven relies on intermittent heating of a small amount of liquid water present on the food, and heat conduction from these areas into frozen material. By putting frozen material into the microwave oven with continuous energy input, no time is given for thermal conductivity effects, and therefore a colossal heating effect occurs on a very localized surface area.

Finally...of course I did a carrot photo shoot!