I love breakfast. A lot. That's not surprising, almost everyone does, right? Well, I've decided to take my love to another level, and, at least once a month, add to the James Rabe Breakfast Chronicles. This time, Ma's Cafe in Plainview!

My first Chronicle Entry is Ma's in Plainview because I'd just been in Plainview for the Cool Classroom teacher award at Plainview Elementary!

From the outside, well, there's no getting around it, you don't expect much. I know it's been a few different restaurants, so that explains the lack of curb appeal. Everyone told me it is a great place, tho, so I had high hopes.

Besides, a lot of the best restaurants are not fancy looking.

James Rabe Photo Emporium
James Rabe Photo Emporium

In this is a case where everyone was right. Good breakfast. A creative menu with some non-traditional breakfast items, but that's not how I try a restaurant. I try the most regular thing you can find. Italian? Lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs. Chinese? Dumplings and fried rice. If they do the basics well, there's a good chance they'll rock the rest.

And this basic breakfast was good! I asked for eggs over medium, I got eggs over medium. Hash browns were cooked thru and a little crispy. I'd like a little crispier, but they were good. A lot of places under cook their HB's, so it was a pleasure to have the good rich flavor and texture.

The sausage? I expected not so much fun there. A lot of time little links end up dry and blech. Makes it hard  to make a sausage sandwich (a little jam on the English muffin and add the sausages). These babies were juicy, but not too juicy. Slight snap when you bite into 'em, which is perfect. In short good sausage sammich!

Speedy service, my coffee cup was always full (not great coffee, but good and hot and plentiful), as was my water glass. That last one's a big deal for me.

I give Ma's a solid 8 out of 10. Definitely worth the drive.

Oh, there was one unusual thing....part of the decor cannot be seen unless you look up. At the ceiling. They've painted some of the drop-ceiling tiles!  You can see 'em in the gallery below.

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