Today at NOON, Rochester Best Variety, the new Y-105FM became The Christmas Station! A week early, it's true...why? Well, that's a great story!
I was up on the Plummer Building today, living a lifetime ring those bells (for the Salvation Army, of course)! The sound is big and rich and everything I hoped for. And, even, more.

But why the Christmas Station? I'm getting to it. A lot of awesome people joined me up there. Jerry Williams, the Major, and quite a few more, including Tracy McCray. She's been asking me to go all Christmas pretty much every week since April. But I kept saying, "Not yet...not yet."

Well, today was the kickoff for the Red Kettles, and the Salvation Army and I were working together to make sure everyone knew about what was going on. So, up to the top of the Plummer Building I went, and I rang Rochester's Largest Salvation Army Bells...and just before noon, Tracy said we should kick it up a notch.

With no snow, it didn't feel a lot like the holidays, so, finally, I agreed with Tracy! If it'll help people feel the holiday spirit and fill those red kettles, then I say yes, let's turn on the Christmas Station now...

And that's how happened.