Getting a bunch of random calls lately? You are not alone! In fact, some scammers are now calling from an all too familiar number. The City of Stewartville MN posted to their Facebook page late last week warning of the scam: 

"The City has been notified that a Scam is happening where the Caller ID is showing 'City of Stewartville,' the person proceeds by asking for credit card information to clear credit card debt. WE ARE NOT CALLING! This is a scam."

Unfortunately, regardless of if you are on the Do-Not-Call Registry, these calls are still coming through. A good rule of thumb, never give your personal info over the phone, at least when someone calls you.

Happy Prime Days! Sadly, scammers are taking advantage of those trying to get a good deal. The scam targets people via email and tells the customer their account has been compromised. From there, users are instructed to open a fake login screen, which bares a striking resemblance to the real Amazon login page. That way, they have your login information and can hack your account and your personal information. You can read more about this scam by clicking here. 

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