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Fargo, North Dakota, must be a magnet for creepy clowns around Halloween! Back in 2016 there was a Fargo Clown Scare (as there was in a lot of small communities). And now...they'rrrrree baaaack!

According to the Dickinson Press, On October 4th, Roxane Salonen and her son were playing tennis on some park courts and something odd happened. Clowns. Clowns pulling a prank? You decide.

As they played tennis, a crowd near the fence grew...standing very still apparently.

"All of a sudden, they started moving, and so then I realized, 'Oh, those are people,'" she said. Salonen and her son counted about four people, all wearing clown masks.

She said they were chanting something as they closed in on her and her son, but they quickly ran as she called the police who told her it was the second report of masked clowns in the city that night.

OK, that's creepy as heck.

I know clown costumes have been huge since the remake of IT came out a few years ago (#5 on this year's Most Searched Halloween Costume List, read about that here), , but c'mon. Why scare a mom and her kid?

INTERESTING NOTE: Looking for a picture of Pennywise on Getty Images, just for fun, I searched, "Clowns playing tennis" and this is what came up.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship
Getty Images

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