The Med City Crab Crack was a blast...and for just five dollars, I turned into a crab! No kidding, wait'll you see my head!

The Med City Crab Crack was a fundraiser for the Madonna Living Community. You know Madonna Towers, well, this fundraiser was to pay for completely redecorating the dining room.

I learned a lot about what happens at Madonna Living Community, but one thing I'm pretty sure you don't know one is kicked out because they run out of money. If you're dealing with end-of-life issues, it has to be comforting to know you still have a place to stay and people that will love and care for you.

Aside from the amazing food, the big event for the night was electing a Crab King or Crab Queen! The Royal Court had a bunch of superstars on it...

  • Brad Jones, the Executive Director / CEO of the Rochester MN Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  • Carla Nelson, Senator, wife, mom, teacher, and daughter whose father has Alzheimer's.
  • Tessa Olive is the Marketing Director for Rochester Magazine. She had the best reason to win...if she won, her co-workes promised to add Crab Queen to her job title in the magazine. And to refer to her as "Her Crabness."
  • Justin Anderson works at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS), as an Operations Coordinator (Curriculum Manager) within Education Resources. He has been a Madonna Living Community board member for 5 years.

And the winner? Brad Jones!  He made a very short acceptance speech after the coronation.

I am but a cog in the well oiled and love filled world of Madonna Living might say, I'm just a little shellfish.