It wasn't just your average Saturday night at Deer Creek Speedway. It was Pink Out Cancer Night and the crowd was excited from the very beginning. They knew what was coming, a night of silent auctions, a 50/50 raffle, and the BUCK might make an appearance!

The Buck? Yep. The Buck helps Deer Creek Speedway and Campground raise money for Join the Journey, a home-grown non-profit that promotes breast cancer awareness and supports individuals on their breast cancer journey. That last bit is especially important in my opinion. Part of the support is a program called Pink Ribbon Mentors. JTJ connects breast cancer survivors with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Jessica Williams and I hit the scene and got on the mic to push the silent auction, the shirts for sale, the big raffle...and then, The Buck appeared!

TSM / Jessica Williams
TSM / Jessica Williams

You may remember, it was a cloudy evening, but for just a bit, it was foggy, too. We could hear The Buck before we could see it, those great hooves beating a rhythm as that massive beast made its way to the platform. Then, I swear, a crack of thunder, a bolt of lightning, and the buck was before us. Majestic, proud, powerful!

The Buck had been placed on various lawns, and for $5 you get could it the buck off your lawn. For $10 you could buck someone else's lawn, and for $15, you could buy some bucking insurance so you didn't have worry about getting bucked in the middle of the night! Altogether they raised $333 bucking dollars! Well done!

A huge thank you to everyone, but especially Shannon Jo Merkel for making it so easy for us to be wacky!

Pink Out Cancer BUCK!

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