Are you ready for a major character change when "Riverdale" debuts?

No, she's not playing Betty on Riverdale
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When both my older brothers got braces, I got to tag along on their appointments to the dentist. It was in the waiting room that I read my first Archie comic. Been hooked ever since. It was kind of fun watching reruns of the original '60's cartoon. Over the years, I guess there's been a few newer cartoons.

Archie and the gang are making their "live action" debut on the CW on the 26. The show is called Riverdale. It's supposed to be edgy, kinda like 90210 or One Tree Hill. I guess everybody is supposed to have secrets, and it's supposed to be a little more dark than what the comic books have been like.

One character is making a huge change in the translation.

Credit: Riverdale Twitter screen capture.

Cole Sprouse, from Suite Life of Zach and Cody is playing Jughead on Riverdale. The big change is that Jughead is going to like burgers - and girls. Word is, Sprouse is trying very hard to keep Jughead the way he's always been portrayed in the comic books, which is asexual.

Cole Sprouse as Ben Geller on Friends
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You might remember, Cole played Ben on Friends. He was Ross' son. He was being raised by Ross and his ex-wife, Carol, and her "lesbian-lover" Susan. (Ben would be 23 this year. I've always thought it would be kinda cool for a Friends reunion to focus on either Ben; or Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma; or even maybe something about Ross and Monica's parents, Jack and Judy.)

According to Vulture, Sprouse is "fighting pretty heavily" to bring Jughead intact from the comics to the small screen.

Will you be watching to find out? I'm not sure about my boys...maybe my son Justin might be interested in seeing the guy he's been watching on Suite Life. My daughter might be interested in The Drama. I'm kinda curious to see just how different Riverdale is gonna be.