I had a real ball Saturday at the Kiwanis Daymakers Golf Ball Drop! And there are two ways to tell the story. One, it is "The Day the Golf Balls Attacked James Rabe at Rochesterfest!" or "How You, too, Can Get on KTTC and Be a Star for Fun and Profit!" Which one do you want? The truth? Ugh...fine!

Actually, the truth is kinda heroic, just not James Rabe defying certain death when the Callaways Got Careless and Callous level heroism!

So here's the story.

See me? And the big lift?  And the barrel?

Well, those are the main players in the Kiwanis Daymakers Golf Ball Drop. It was a fundraiser to help fight Maternal Neo-Natal Tetanus in third-world countries. A horrible disease, when a baby is born with MNT they're in excutiatiing pain for a while, and then they die. They always die. And the baby's mother can't comfort the child because with MNT the skin becomes ultra sensitive to touch. But, a short course of shots and boom, no problem. And it only costs about $1.80 to save a child's life. So, that's where the money went (you helped save over 1500 lives Saturday!).

I pulled the cord and released the barrel full of golf balls and down they poured, making an awesome pitter-patter-thump on the ground. One went in the hole, and the person that paid $5 for that ball won $500! There were other prizes, too, and as emcee you'd think I could fix it so I'd win. Nope.

But I did become a star!  Check out this short report from KTTC and in the last shot, you'll see me. It's my ticket to the big times, baby!

Remember, it'll take about 40 seconds to get to my star-making moment.

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