I know, I know...there are deer all over the city and they destroy things. They eat up your shrubbery, your flowers, your veggies...your tree bark. But these three fawns?  They're cute as cute can be!

I regularly see deer and turkeys coming thru the yard of The Manse (where I'm house sitting...still..whoop whoop!). I could watch them for hours, and the fawns? They're so cute, all spackled and knobbly kneed.

Got some BBQ sauce?

When I was growing up in Sault Ste Marie, MI., I never saw fawns. Michigan's Upper Peninsula is great for deer hunting, but I never saw a fawn in town. I saw plenty of deer along the interstate, but in town? Nope. Squirrels by the bus loads, seagulls and pigeons everywhere you looked, but not a deer.

Now, at the Mackinac Bridge, that's another thing altogether. The five mile suspension bridge that connects Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsula is famous for the deer count. During the deer season, they keep track of all the cars that come across the bridge with deer strapped to the car.

Now tho, they're right there, close enough to touch, and I love watching 'em.