What do you think of the Wax Katy?  Madame Tussauds featured Katy Perry and she now can say to her grandchildren some day that the wax her's have been on display in New York, Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Sydney. Have you ever been to a wax museum?   I visited one when I was a real young child.  I vaguely remember visiting a museum in Nashville.  It's pretty amazing how life like they can make their models.  This one I think looks just like Katy! Don't you think it would be a little creepy to think that someone wants to make a wax replica of you?  So now we know there are several wax Katy's floating around...

Katy Perry Wax Figure Unveiled At Madame Tussauds
By: Tim P. Whitby

Here is an older video at a different unveiling... of Katy talking about a different wax statue of herself. She does introduce an interesting vocabulary word in this video, "fupa."   Please Katy, don't irritate all of the other women on the planet by calling yourself fat, let alone complaining about your "fupa."  (lol)