They call it partly cloudy, but I see it as partly sunny, a point of view, right? But what about when you're watching fireworks?

A little bit of wind and some clouds tonight, but in the 70's, so no big whoop sweater wise. Plus with all those ooooh's and aaaaaah's going on, you'll be fine.

Do you remember fireworks when you were a kid? I thought any and all displays were righteous. Once, on Mackinac Island, there was a giant spinning roman candle. Basically, a giant wheel of fun for prizes, but with roman candles on it. It didn't spin. Until a guy ran up and spun it by hand. He ended up with little fires all over his t-shirt, but the kids went wild. He was our Roman Candle Hero! Risking his life so kids could see the thing spin. One turn. Then it stopped. He yelled, "You're on your own!"

Good times.