A couple years ago, I had a friend come up to stay with me for a week from Texas.  I was looking for all kinds of activities to show her around Rochester & Southern Minnesota while she was here on vacation. We ended up visiting the Spam Museum during one of the days she was here. Can you believe that I've lived here most all of my life and had never been there before?  Well I went, and I came back with various flavors of Spam, which lasted quite some time in my cupboards, and a really interesting green florescent tie-dyed SPAM T-shirt.

Sue Moore (Selfie)

I'll have you know this T-shirt has started many a conversation.  I even have matching lime green pants.

The video below is a few years old, but I thought it would give a pretty good and humorous look at the 'Spam' that we all know and love from Austin.

This years Freedom Fest In Austin is going to feature a Spam Burger cookout.  The Freedom Fest happens right around the fourth of July and I'm sure plenty of Spam will be had during the festival.  By the way, the 'Spam with Bacon' and 'Spam with Teriyaki' is really good!