When news came out about Game of Thrones Oreo Cookies, I kinda belittled the idea, "Pah!" I says I says, "Pah! It'll just be a fancy package and nothing else will be different.

Wait, what? Are Game of Thrones Oreo Cookies really a thing? According to @CandyHunting, yes...they will be a thing in time for the April 14th Final Season Debut...it looks like it'll just be Oreo Cookies in a special package.

Turns out I was super wrong. Check out the video above for a close-up view of the cookies. They have the coolest markings. Totally didn't expect Oreo to go for the gold on this. Thank you AJ!

Used with Permission
Used with Permission

Oh, and as long as we're talking Game of Thrones, I auditioned to be the GOT announcer guy (for commercials and stuff), but it just didn't go well.

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