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So just in case you're still looking for a gift for mom, take a look at what a new survey says moms really want this Mother's Day here in Minnesota.

When you think about it, mom's have ALWAYS been the glue that holds our lives together, but they REALLY went above and beyond over this past year, didn't they? So, if you're still looking for something to get mom for Mother's Day, check out this new survey from Breck's.

Analyzing just what moms really want

The team at Breck’s dove into what moms really want this year for their big day. They analyzed Google Trends for search volume and found that flowers and plants (or other items for the garden) were one of the most popular categories of things moms want. In fact,  over 55 percent of moms said flowers or plants are something they'd like to receive.

Specifically, though, what do moms want?

But that's a pretty broad category, right? So Breck's drilled down and found that here in Minnesota, Geraniums were the most popular flower. Over in my home state of Wisconsin (where my mom still lives), poppies came in first, as they also did down in Iowa. Overall, though, the survey said you can’t go wrong with roses-- they were the most popular flower in 18 of our 50 U.S. states.

Anything else besides flowers?

Outside of flowers and plants, what else do moms want? According to Breck's, the other most popular gift categories were food, wine or other beverages; clothing, jewelry or other accessories; beauty or skincare products; books, art or music; home decor; electronic gadgets/games; tickets (airline, concerts, sports); and subscriptions.

Some moms might want an experience

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts that are experiences, a night out with dinner and a movie came in first, followed by day spa (manicure/pedicures); a visit to a botanical garden or park; tickets to concerts, festival or plays; tickets to an amusement park; tickets to a sporting event.

Speaking of mom, she's full of wisdom, right? Some of the things my mom said to me when I was a kid still ring in my ears. Keep scrolling to see if any of these 'momisms' are something your mom said-- or maybe you said to YOUR kids!

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