Saturday was the big day. Everyone met us in the Y-105FM parking lot and we were ready to play Pokemon GO! But it was not meant to be. Why? The Pokeserver was down, so instead, we mingled, got to know each other, gave away some cool prizes and I got shut down by an awesome kid.

The lack of gaming, and the fun we had, convinced me this game is a good time. People are in good moods, and ready to say hi to each other. I think that's really cool.

Two great parts in the video.

a) When the kid shuts me down cold. He was right and I was as speechless as I get.

ii) The crowd yelling James Rabe...or Tracy McCray. Too funny.

Thank you to everyone that came out, or sent notes asking about the event. We will reschedule and, hopefully, the server doesn't play hooky.