Another day, another story about 1970's TV shows being re-vamped for the 21st century...

Whereas yesterday's story was about Dynasty being brought back by the CW, today's show hits a little closer to home.  The Gong Show was a confusing high point of my formative years.  Much like Johnny Carson's monologue, I honestly didn't understand most of what the adults were laughing about, but that didn't stop me from tuning in.

The Gong Show was a reality talent show even before American Idol was a glint in Simon Cowell's eye!

Will Arnett is working as the producer with ABC for an updated version of the show.  No word on if he, like Chuck Barris the original producer/host, will appear in front of the camera.  Also, no word on which celebrities will be handed the gong mallets for their judging duties.

If the 70's version is to be honored, the audition to be a judge will be held in a bar.