The Cinemagic Hollywood 12 is adding a Premium Panoramic Large Format Barco Escape Experience!  It's a three screen, three digital projector, 270 degree experience! This technology is only available in 14 other cities in the entire world.

The Barco Escape system currently being installed at the CineMagic Hollywood 12 will deliver more than 100 feet of horizontal viewing!  (The largest IMAX screen is currently under 100 feet wide.)

The theater is also adding almost $20,000 in large format sound equipment to that auditorium to give it a 7.1 large format surround system.

The first movie to play in Barco Escape at the CineMagic Hollywood 12 will be Maze Runner 2: Scorch Trials! For tickets and more info, click here.
Here's a video showcasing the Barco Escape technology: