November 29th Y105 becomes your Christmas Station!

Experts are saying that there is no "IT" toy this year. A toy industry expert, Gerrick Johnson, is claiming there is no hot toy this year, no Tickle Me Elmo, no Cabbage Patch doll.   The top toys he claims,  are Barbie and Legos! He also is saying that kids are opting for the hi-tech gadgets like Ipad's, Playstation's and XBoxes. This sounds right these days with all of this technology everywhere!   I can remember years and years ago when I was a child, it was the Cabbage Patch Kids, or My Little Pony's, or Barbie.  When my daughter was young, the Pokeman craze was in full effect, it was American Girl dolls, or even the Furby.

It may be difficult trying to figure out what would make the little ones happy this year!   Heads up to parents, grandparents, aunts and relatives, survey's are saying that there will be several Facebook posts that may reveal the wishes of kids, and even companies like Amazon are connecting with Facebook accounts so that you can see "wish lists" and read reviews by social media friends.   Social media does allow us to gain a different type and kind of insight into a person than we were able to before it existed.

I suppose the good thing about not having an "IT" toy so far this year, is maybe there won't be crazy fighting at the stores when people try so hard to get that last item on the shelf!

Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Photo: Joe Raedle, Getty Images


I am curious, and I know it is early on in the season, but what kinds of toys are the people in your life asking for?  Have you seen any Christmas wish lists yet?




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