Leah Jacobson at St Mary's University (Winona) knew I swapped faces with one of Rochester's favorite local celebrities, so she won a Classic Combo Sandwich Platter from Subway! See the solution by scrolling down... 

James Rabe will randomly select a correct answer every Friday morning at 9:35 and that person will enjoy one Classic Combo Sandwich Platter from Subway! Come back every week because there'll be a new Face Off Face Swap each week. Sometimes, it may be local celebrities!

Imagine, you and everyone you work with enjoying lunch on you! All office debts instantly paid. Or, you could put it on your desk and eat each sandwich, slowly, staring at everyone in the office that regularly steal you lunch. That'll show 'em!

No matter how you eat it, win it!

Here's this week's Face Swap!

James Rabe swapped faces with Mayor Ardell Brede!