Keanu Reeves constantine-pic REVISED

So there's this thing going around...maybe there's a name for it, but I haven't seen it. You take Keanu Reeves and you make him do something. Then you tell us his new name. These responses are all from THIS Facebook post.

  • James Rabe Keanu Reeves being polite: Keanu Please.
  • Nancy Paynic Keanu Reeves is naughty. Keanu Tease.
  • Michele Plower Keanu walks swiftly by you: Keanu Breeze
  • Michele Nyman Keanu's pet opossum dies - Keanu grieves.
  • Madison Drilling Keanu Reeves knitting: Keanu Weaves
  • Amy Jean Keanu passes gas in an elevator: “Keanu, Jeez!”
  • Madison Drilling Keanu Reeves in the winter: Keanu Freeze
  • Ash Meyer Keanu Reeves is on the run: Keanu Flees.
  • Michelle Cox Keanu Reeves has a cold: Keanu Sneeze.
  • Shane Miller Keanu Reeves is angry:. Keanu Seethes.
  • Aaron Galloway Keanu gets tattoos all over his arms: Keanu Sleeves.
  • James Loghry Keanu has exited the building: Keanu leaves.
  • Katie Kuisle Keanu trying to Google something in the early 2000s? Keanu ASK JEEVES.
  • Melissa Danielson Sullivan Keanu Reeves celebrates Arbor Day: Keanu Trees
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  • Lisa Hesly Keanu and Sandra Bullock SPEEDS!!🚍
  • Jennifer Terbeest Keanu celebrates Christmas? Keanu Wreaths!
  • Arij Mikati Keanu loses a role to a younger actor? Keanu GRIEVES
    • Arij Mikati Keanu can’t stand listening to you chew with your mouth open anymore? KEANU PEEVES.
    • Arij Mikati The bar is playing “Closing Time”? Respectfully, KEANU LEAVES.
    • Arij Mikati Keanu got the flu? KEANU HEAVES.
    • Arij Mikati Keanu falls in love with a blazer while the cashier isn’t looking? KEANU THIEVES.
    • Arij Mikati Keanu gets a perfect score on his SAT? KEANU ACHIEVES.
    • Arij Mikati Keanu knows something is wrong as soon as he sees your face, before you even say anything? KEANU PERCEIVES.
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    • Arij Mikati Ok I’m done

Such great work, and Arij? You are the wind beneith my wings.

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