What a great night! What made it so fantastic? Check it out...

Too often this summer Thursdays on First and Third was messed up by bad weather. Sometimes just delayed, the last two weeks it'd been cancelled altogether. Thanks rain.

Last night, tho, Steve Lange (from Rochester Magazine) said it best when he said the real star of the show was...the lack of rain! The music was great, the food was amaze-basket-balls, and everyone was so excited to get out and just have some fun on Thursday night.

I grabbed some pics...check 'em out.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I've lived in a few states now, and tho I've had a blast in 'em all, there's something special about Rochester. If you were here back in 2007, when I left, you know how much things have changed.

I think things have changed for the better...there's so much more to do! And a big part of that is because of the Rochester Downtown Alliance. Kudos to Jenna Bowman, Laura Engelman, Ender Göçmen, and Karli McElroy! The work you do has made downtown come alive.