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A new interactive calculator allows you to check out just how long it takes some of today's top pro athletes to earn our yearly salaries here in Minnesota-- and it's not much!

I'm not sure if I'm amused by this new calculator, or depressed by it. Because it really puts into perspective just how small our salaries are (on average, of course) here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes compared to some of today's richest professional athletes.

The gang over at Betsperts came up with this new interactive calculator that shows just how long it would take the richest athletes in the world to earn your salary - from Lionel Messi to Lebron James.

If you're not familiar, Lionel Messi is a pro soccer player from Argentina who just happens to be the highest-earning athlete in the world, earning a cool $130 million each year. When you break that down, Messi earns over $350,000 A DAY... with a whopping rate of $247 per minute.

To give you a ballpark figure of how little time it would take Lionel Messi to earn a 'normal' salary, Betsperts took the average salary here in Minnesota, which Zip Recruiter says is $61,539, and compared it to his massive earnings. And, as it turns out, it would take Messi just 4 hours and 8 minutes to earn what a typical Minnesotan earns in a YEAR.

Meanwhile, it would take the NBA's LeBron James (who earns $121 million a year) slightly longer-- about 4 hours and 23 minutes to earn our typical annual salary here in the North Star State.  And for fans of the NFL, it would take quarterback Tom Brady (who pulls in just under $84 million a year) a whole 6 hours and 25 minutes to earn an average Minnesota annual salary.

So how long would it take the highest-paid athletes in the world to earn YOUR salary? Click HERE to find out (but, be careful, the results are a little sobering!) Meanwhile, while they didn't make THAT kind of money, many vendors at the Minnesota State Fair still did pretty well. Keep scrolling to see which vendors topped the list last year-- and how much money they made!

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