Last Sunday I continued my Lenton up sleeping in and using that time to get back to church. Only, it didn't turn out that way. Oh, I found the church, but it made me feel like I was one a movie set! Not a zombie movie set...but not NOT a zombie movie set, either. 

When I was in Idaho, I started going back to church at a church with which I truly connected. The Community Church of the Brethren. Now that I'm back in southeastern Minnesota, I've had trouble getting in the groove, mostly because (believe it or not), I get "first timer" anxiety. Could be a new restaurant, meeting new people...I get all wound up. I didn't try Cafe Rio for a LONG time because I was anxious about the clerks that "talk back" (and was justified because the first time I tried it the guy behind the counter yelled at me...he yelled at me!). 

Anyway, last week I tried the Lewiston Church of the Brethren, and so this week it was time to head to the Root River Region. The drive to and thru Preston is just beautiful. The twists and turns and the SLOW DOWN IN CHATFIELD! Years ago I dated a woman that lived in Preston (she taught Spanish at Kingsland, we were set up by Key Clubbers!). So it was good, after so many years, to see what's what (her house was GONE! replaced by a garage).

Then it was turn this way, turn that, drive straight for while on a road that doesn't much resemble a road. More like a, "Heh just washed your car, didn't you? BAHAHAHA!". Eventually, I found the right spot...only to find the church closed. No list of worship times.

I didn't know what time to be there, so I aimed for 10:30, figuring I'd either be half an hour late, or half an hour early. Nope. Nothing. No one. Just a cool looking church, a great ggraveyard, and lots of wind. So much wind. All of it, in fact.

So, on that topic...anyone know what time they get together at the RRCoTB?