I had the opportunity yesterday to visit the Austin Community Learning Center and not only was it a great experience...they have a milk jug reading igloo!I have a love of older buildings, and especially love visiting churches. The Learning Center is in what used to be the school for the Queen of Angels Roman Catholic Church. Built in the 50's, it's solid, and the halls are filled with interesting nooks and beautiful woodwork.

The gym? LOVE IT!

But, to speak only of the building is to miss the biggest joy from my visit. I really enjoyed the teachers and paras to whom I spoke. Their passion for their job was obvious. I was telling a friend about it and he said, "It's a pre-school...what'd you expect?"

I admit, I don't spend much time with pre-schoolers but I know things have changed, and kids are entering school without a lot of the skills you and I had. Seeing this situation addressed, and in such creative ways, gives me hope that they'll enter school and be able to take advantage of the entire experience, and grow to be the person we know is inside 'em.

Also, I loved the milk-jug-igloo. I want one.