Before school started, in those crazy last days of summer when I try to squeeze in all the stuff we meant to get done in the summer, a problem was created.

This wasn't the list of FUN summer stuff that my kids wanted to do that we never quite got around to.  (Sorry Wisconsin Dells!) But instead it was MY list of stuff to get done; stuff like 'clean out the kids rooms.'

So the kids got started and soon my son brought an 11 year old-sized armload of stuffed animals and dropped them in the middle of my bedroom floor.  "I don't want these anymore" he declared.  He turned around and walked out even before the dust could settle on the emotional bomb he'd just dropped on me.

I can handle a LOT of what others might consider 'emotional mom moments,' like the first day of kindergarten or watching the siblings clean the kitchen together without being asked...*sigh*...

However, witnessing the break-up of former child (now pre-teen thank you very much!) and stuffed toys is hard for me to take.  These dusty treasures have been sitting on the floor of my bedroom ever since.

The problem is that I had painted myself in a corner.  It was ME who told him to clean out the stuff he no longer had use for and now the thought of actually dumping them in a rummage bin seemed heart-breakingly illogical.  I remembered the countless nights he'd spent snuggled with them, the games of Monopoly they had dutifully played with him (yes, he always won but they never complained!)  And now he's just going to act like they never existed!?

Like those precious childhood memories never happened?  Ugh...

Luckily a solution has presented itself.  The Sounthern MN Mothers of Multiples is hosting their fall rummage sale at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Building 40 tomorrow.

As kids grow, moms can usually find LOTS of 'stuff' that their kids no longer need.  Can you imagine the amount of 'stuff' moms of multiples have?  Saturday (tomorrow) morning the doors open at 7:30am and close at 1pm.  Stop by and pick up children's & maternity clothing, baby equipment, household items, toys and stuffed animals.

Lots and LOTS of stuffed animals.


**And by the way, if you want to learn more about Mothers of Multiples, check them out at here. **