My co-worker Terri was walking around work yesterday saying, "Peek-a-Boo". Over and over. And over. I mean, like all day. Why? Why would she do this?Well, she just had a baby. See? That's Brooklyn right there..so cute!)So, maybe she was playing with Brooklyn. But no...no baby in evidence


In fact..she was saying Peek-a-Boo all by herself. Well, eventually all by herself. She'd head upstairs ((peek-a-boo!)) and the common areas would suddenly be empty ((peek-a-boo)) office doors slammed ((peek-a-boo!)) o-workers crouched behind desks ((peek-a-boo)) some fleeing the building ((PEEK! A! BOO!))

I went searching and found her in her office, "What are you doing???"

She said..."It's not my fault! The Disney Channel is running this commercial all the time!

And now...we're ALL saying it! Walking downstairs? ((peek-a-boo!)). In the elevator? ((peek-a-boo!)). Wasting time in the break-room? ((PEEK! A! BOO!))

Dear Ty...ugh.