Yesterday I quoted the Brainerd Police Department's Facebook page...

*****please use caution if you trick or treated in North Brainerd or Northeast Brainerd!*****

We received a call from someone saying that they found a needle in their child's candy. The reporting party said they had trick or treated in North Brainerd near the hospital and in Northeast Brainerd. Please check you child's candy and report if you find it tampered with!


Well, turns out...nope. According to the Fargo Forum,

The report received by the Brainerd Police Department on Sunday of a needle found in Halloween candy has been determined to be false.

The investigation found that the child did it and then reported it. The kid probably thought it wouldn't go any further, but then it spiraled out of control. And that's good news (except for the probably very very sorry right now child), and, maybe, prime material for an after ABC After School Special?

Speaking of After School Specials...