People think I get too excited about hotel rooms. And maybe I do (remember that time I went off on coffee makers?), But it's no exaggeration to say that the li'l baby in the pic is VITAL to the quality of a hotel room stay.

With my sweetie pie living so far away, I'm traveling a lot. And that means hotels. And boy have hotels kicked it up a notch on the little things. A few suggestions, tho.

A bar of soap, great? Make it small, because really, I don't need much. Shampoo? No big scents, please. I want a clean head of hair, not hair that smells like citrus, dandelion with a hint of minty turnips.

And, start adding a poof. A loofah. A lather maker.

Seriously. The Radisson (near MSP) has 'em in the rooms, and it kicked my hotel room experience up a notch. No, two notches!  Suddenly, i could use the Dr Bronner's liqiid soap I've been cartin' around for two or three months. It's been suggested I use a wash cloth. Nope. Doesn't suds up right. S'gotta be a poof.

They can't can't cost much*, and I'd take 'em over a shoe-mitt or conditioner any day (keep the sewing kit, tho!).

*Looking up prices for the hotel room loofah (generally $65 for 100), I came across more websites and videos than you can imagine. First, a hotel room amenity line from Northern Minnesota. Or inspired by Minnesota's Cold that Feels Warm. Or, Snow is Drippy on Your Sk...aww, I don't really get it. But it's REALLY pretty. And about hotel room soaps and shampoos.

Impressive, right? Very. I want to use all of them right now!

Contrast that with this one that couldn't be bothered to loop the music properly..

And finally, how do they wrap hotel room soap? With pretty music playing, of course!